TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE 2006  (& annular eclipse in September)

eclipse path animation - please be patient while downloading

Occasionally, as the moon orbits our planet, the sun, the moon and the earth all line up in such a way as to cause the moon to obscure the sunís disc, and allowing the sunís outer corona to be seen from a small area of the earthís surface. This incredible sight is otherwise impossible to view by humans, making a total eclipse an inspiring event to witness,

Two solar eclipse images from 2005 are below.

2005 Annular

2005 hybrid

There was generally good visibiilty along the eclipse path in March for totality, in both North Africa and throughout Turkey.  We have included pictures below from sites in Egypt and Turkey where totality was visible.

Animation of the total solar eclipse path . . . . see right.
On 29th of March in 2006 a total eclipse was visible from Africa to east of the Caspian.
The animation shows the shadow of the Moon moving across the Earth.
Within the lightly shaded area of the shadow the eclipse was partial.
The dark moving dot shows where the eclipse was total.
Times are given in GMT (UT).

Click here for details of the annular eclipse on September 22nd 2006.

Click here for webcast of the eclipse in Turkey ....

Eclipse Travel has supported tours to Egypt and Turkey for the eclipse in 2006.

We advise that you do not look directly at the sun , nor use optical devices such as binoculars, to look directly at the sun, during any partial phase of eclipse, as blindness may result. Only at totality is it safe to look directly at the sun. Use eye protection at other times.

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We will add more reports later from the eclipse viewing area in Egypt. Below are some pictures taken at totality from Sallum, plus of the tour group in Egypt. Below these are three further pictures of the eclipse taken from near Side in Turkey.

solar eclipse 2006  views from eclipse site 2006

Kadmar travel Eclipse Group  the eclipse site at Salloum

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The three pictures below are re-produced courtesy of Peter Webb, and show the eclipse in Turkey.
20% of totality in Turkey 2006
90% of totality in Turkey 2006 Totality in Turkey 2006
solar eclipse turkey turkey egypt turkey egypt egypt solar eclipse